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Meganissi Island

With a bit of exaggeration, it could be said the tiny island of Meganissi is a giant among Lilliputians, or better the biggest of the smallest: with its area of only 22 km2, Meganissi is the largest of the small islands belonging to Lefkada. From there the island can be found only a few miles south-east, being the only permanently inhabited island. In its three municipalities, there live a bit more than one thousand people who make their living by fishing and farming, mainly growing olive trees and grapevine they use to produce excellent olive oil and delicious wine. They are always nice and extremely hospitable, contributing thus to the amazing atmosphere of this magical palce.

Meganissi Coast

The perimeter of Meganissi Island is like a string with pearls of bays and beaches. The island coast is indented, lined by rock and green hills, the water is crystal clear and the sand with pebbles nicely warm. On the slopes you will find olive trees and grapevine growing peacefully, the sun’s rays reflecting in the blue sea waters, and the air smelling the sea and flowers - an idyll hard to be found anywhere else.

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What to do on Meganissi

Given the small area of the island, those of an adventurous nature can discover literally the whole island during their stay. If your soul is yearning to fly to the landscape, set off to the mountains. The highest peak of Megas Birnos has only jen near 300 m above sea level, and so the climb won’t be too difficult. And when you get the feeling there is nothing more to discover, rent a boat that you can borrow in most of the quays, and continue discovering the island from the sea side. After all, some places on Meganissi can only be accessed this way, and the places already familiar to you look completely different from the sea surface, being often more beautiful than when seen from the land.

On Meganissi Island, there are only three villages: Katomeri (Katomeri with its about 500 permanent inhabitants can be found one kilometre from Vathy. The village is typical with its stone houses with flowering backyards, and besides that, you will find there some traditional tavernas, small shops, a bakery and a petrol station), and the ports of Spartohori (also called. Spiglia or Spilia) and Vathy, the first of the three being the island capital at the same time. The two last of the three towns are the island main resorts where you can bathe close to nice beaches - near Spartohori in the Spiglia bay, and in Ai Yiannis (on the coast near this settlement you can see the Daemons Cave); near the fishing village of Vathy and close to Katomeri, you will find the beaches of Elia and Limonari. Besides that, you can discover many secluded places along the whole coast, with open sea and colourful sceneries that will take your breath away. For a better idea in the island, take a look at the section Meganissi Map.

Islands in Meganissi surroundings

In the vicinity of Meganissi Island, the curious ones can discover many other little islands, Kythros in the south, Petalis in the south-west, Panagia in the west, Skorpios and Sparti in the north or Nissopoula in the north-east. All those can be the target of your afternoon trip by boat.

Who is Meganissi suitable for?

Meganissi is a calm place perfect for all who like peace, undisturbed relaxation and long walks through the varied nature when you can bump into some of the fourty abandonned disused windmills. With its romantic surroundings, the island is perfect for couples in love, newly weds, and families with children. If you decide to visit Meganissi but after some time you feel like having more fun, you can simply visit the nearby island of Lefkada, a resort renowned to offer all kinds of activities, including fully equipped beaches, museums and historical sites, but also discos and nightclubs.

How to get to Meganissi?

The easiest wayy is to go to the island by boat of ferry from Nidri, the port on the neighbouring island of Lefkada. There are regular boat lines also to other surrounding islands including Cephalonia, Ithaka, Corfu and a few more..

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